Janelle Dunn has been riding and training horses for over 30 years. While working her way
through school with an internship at a reining and stock horse ranch, Janelle learned
quiet, natural and practical ways to deal with horses and their behaviors.  As a teenager,
Janelle rode on the hunter/jumper circuit, specializing in the medal classes. She began
three day eventing in college.  After meeting and training with Jil Walton, she knew she
had found a sport that she loved.  Since that time, Janelle has trained and ridden with
Mark Todd, Blyth Tait, Jimmy Wofford, Darren Chiachia, Bruce and Buck Davidson, David
and Karen O’Connor, Jim Graham and Mark Phillips.

Over the years, Janelle has earned many regional, state, and national awards in both
eventing and dressage. In 2001, Janelle received the prestigious National Christopher
Reeves Award for inspiration in Three Day Eventing.

While competing in upper level eventing, Janelle developed a special love for dressage. A
USDF Silver Medalist and Bronze Medalist in dressage, Janelle is an "L" Graduate with
Distinction and has been accepted into the USEF "r" program where she continues her
education the become a licensed dressage judge. She currently trains with Heidi Gaian
and Jane Weatherwax, with frequent clinics and lessons with Johann Hinnemann.

Janelle is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of U.C. Davis in clinical and developmental
psychology, and has a double minor in education and cultural anthropology. She has
written articles for the USA Eventing magazine and several other equine publications. An
interest in personal fitness led her into become a certified aerobics instructor just after
college. Using these skills, Janelle is able to demonstrate and instruct students in body
and seat awareness, emphasizing harmony within the movement between horse and rider.

In 1998, Janelle and her husband Greg start Maedxfield Equestrain.  Their consistent and
safe training program has been very successful in leading both youth, amateurs and
professionals to numerous regional, state and national championships in both Combined
Training and Dressage.

Maxfield is named after Janelle’s first event horse “Max”, a wonderful appaloosa mare that
was a best friend and confidant for many years. There is not a day that goes by that barn
life has not been enhanced by the memories of Max’s warm and generous nature. Max
loved to jump, and cross country was her favorite. The hunt field on the property is truly
“Max’s Field”.
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